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Home Buyer Information

Financing Questions

So, you’ve finally found your dream home after months of looking. It’s got the perfect combination of bathrooms, dream kitchen, beautiful yard and chromatherapy soaker tub you’ve been looking for—in a neighborhood that screams “community.” Now you just need to figure out how to pay for it. Before you jump at the first mortgage loan you find, you make sure to review the variety of options available to you.

Home Buyers Dictionary

When you start shopping for a new home, you may encounter some words and terms with which you are unfamiliar. The following glossary will help you to be a better informed shopper.

Home Maintenance Basics for New Homeowners

You’ve finally done it—you’ve moved into your new home. The smell of fresh paint still lingers in the air, and you’re likely consumed with unpacking, setting up furnishings, rearranging and decorating. But once the moving trucks have left and everything is neatly in its place, what do you do next? It’s time to get a handle on the routine maintenance you’ll need to perform in order to ensure that you and your family live comfortably in your new home for years to come. 

New Home Walk Through

Before you go to settlement on a new home, you and your builder will do a "walk through" to conduct a final inspection.  The walk-through provides an opportunity for you to spot items which may need to be corrected or adjusted, and allows you to learn about the way your new home works.

Your New Home: How Much Will It Cost?

Sometimes owning a new home instead of renting or living in an older home means adjusting our expectations to our incomes, and dealing with hard financial facts even as we dream of the fantasy houses we see in glossy magazines. Many factors affect the cost of a new home, including financing, construction costs and even local regulations. But, there are things you can do to help keep the price within your budget range.




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