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September 2016 Events

GMM September 2016


Great crowd at the 9-21-2016 GMM at LPGA    President Hickson going around introducing guests and

                     new VIBA members


Florida Senator Travis Hutson, a construction champion!    NAHB Chief Counsel Jim Rizzo bringing the facts              


Our favorite Florida Representative, David Santiago             Billie Wheeler, County Council Candidate

and Shelley Stewart, Club co-Chair                                       with School Board Member Carl Persis


Candidate Michael Cantu, Fla House District 26               State Legistlative Candidate Tom Leek and

 with Shelley Stewart, JoAnn Sturdevant, and Paula Atkerson                        Capital co-chair Ronnie Bledsoe              


Facts as presented by NAHB Chief Counsel Jim Rizzo               VBIA leadership intent on NAHB message from Jim Rizzo




Home of the Month


'The Tuscany' by Vanacore Homes

located within the gated community of Il Villagio


3 Ways to Keep in Touch with Past, Current and Future Clients 

A home builder needs to maintain a strong communications network in order to be truly successful. As a result, it is important to build a relationship and regularly keep in touch with past and current clients, as well as plan to create ties with clients in the future. This personal bond with each client will make them more likely to remember you and your excellent services, rely on you in the future, and recommend you to their family and friends. 

The key to keeping in touch with clients is to determine if they want a relationship and then to contact them in a way that they prefer that still manages to be memorable. 

1. Provide Memorable Gifts to Past Clients 

These gifts can be very small and unobtrusive, but also useful. They ought to have your contact information on them and be designed to be used in a prominent place. This way, if a client needs you, they will have your number close at hand to call. Some examples of unusual gifts that still manage to be completely useful are magnets that label the dishwasher as dirty and clean, thereby stopping anyone from putting away dirty dishes or rewashing clean ones. Sending small gifts of food that have a clever slogan is also an excellent way to keep yourself in the forefront of a past client’s mind and make him or her more likely to recommend you to family and friends. 

  Sending free movie passes, packets of seeds for flowers that are easy to grow, and entertaining stickers are all great, easy gifts to send to maintain contact with clients. 

2. Personal Cards 

Many home builders send cards to their clients around the holidays, but there is a better way to stand out in the crowd. Remembering important dates in the lives of the clients, such as when they first signed the to the house, their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and graduations. By sending cards that commemorate one of these days, it will show the client that you care about their lives. Handwriting the cards is a nice touch that is well worth the time and effort. 

3. Use Customer Feedback Surveys 

Another excellent way to maintain contact is to use customer feedback surveys that assess how satisfied customers were with the services and show that their input is important. Most people recommend that the surveys be sent to the customers about two or three weeks after the sale of the home has been closed. This also allows you to solidify contact information with past clients.

                          By using some of these methods, it will be possible for you to keep in contact with your clients and build relationships that will last for years and produce referrals regularly.


Is Your Business Ready for Hurricane Season 2016? 

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season in the United States. If a hurricane were to strike tomorrow, would your business be prepared? Don’t wait until it’s too late to think about disaster recovery, business continuity and data backup:

Data from the National Archives & Records Administration shows that 60 percent of companies that lose data in a disaster will shut down within six months of the event.

Taking action now can protect your employees and company should a hurricane hit your business this year. Let’s look at a few key steps that can help your business prepare for hurricane season.

Prepare and Practice

The best way to minimize the damaging effects of a hurricane is to develop a s

trong overall strategy for your business. Identify your mission-critical applications, key employees and important backup data. Think about what business capabilities and functions you would potentially lose in the event of a hurricane, and develop a communication plan that can keep you in touch with employees. While you can create a solid emergency plan by addressing these issues, no plan is truly effective if you don’t practice it. Your employees need to be educated and well-trained in their roles. Test out your plan using simulated disasters and drills, and make sure your employees understand all aspects of the plan.

Back Up Your Data

Having data backup procedures in place can play a significant role in protecting your business from a hurricane. If you’re just getting started with a backup plan, your first step is to identify your business’s essential data that should be backed up. Full backups should be performed weekly; if a large amount of data is generated by your business each day, you should back up your data even more frequently. Daily incremental backups are also recommended.

Cloud-based storage and business 

continuity solutions provide an effective way for your company to keep its data safely removed from your physical location. With low overhead, speedy deployment and easy access to data, these solutions offer benefits for both smaller businesses and larger enterprises. The consistency and reliability offered by an offsite infrastructure approach can be invaluable in the days following a hurricane.

Protect Your Equipment and Site

In addition to protecting your data, it’s also important to safeguard your equipment and your site’s facilities. Having an uninterruptible power supply, including generators and batteries, is essential for business continuity after a hurricane. You may also want to consider an alternate water source and a set of pumps to clear flood water from your facility’s lower levels. Once a hurricane warning has been established, boarding up windows and other vulnerable openings on your site can help reduce damage from flying debris during the storm.

It's clear that ensuring business continuity after a storm requires preparation and effort. 

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can have devastating effects on your business, but planning for the worst can help you mitigate the damage. With the tips outlined in this article, you’ll have a good start on developing a disaster-recovery strategy that works for your business.

For all your computer needs, contact:



How student loan debt causes a chain reaction in the housing market

America's student loan debt has reached $1.3 trillion, surpassing every type of consumer debt except mortgages.


Homebuilders Across Florida are Upgrading with Natural Gas

Builders are increasing home value and responding to homebuyer interests by planning homes around natural gas amenities. And it’s not just custom homes, master-plan builders are incorporating elements like natural gas tankless water heaters, chef-inspired cooktops and ovens, and beautiful outdoor features.

Building new homes with natural gas helps meet more stringent energy efficiency requirements while providing more opportunities to increase sales and revenue – with added upgrades and higher prices for homes that sell faster.  

Tankless Water Heating

While homebuyers expect energy efficient appliances, many do not want to sacrifice style and comfort. Natural gas tankless water heaters not only save a significant amount of energy, but also provide a supply of hot water that keeps up with busy households without the risk of running cold. All while saving up to 12 square feet of space in a design plan.

Tankless heaters provide hot water only when needed — “on demand” — rather than storing and continually reheating gallons of water in a tank. Tankless water heaters know exactly when to turn on and off – based on the call for hot water. Unlike standard tank-style water heaters that expend energy 24/7, tankless units save energy usage and associated costs. Natural gas units are on average 20 percentage points more energy efficient. Installing natural gas tankless in new communities is one way to easily meet the new 2015 National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) energy efficiency requirements for water heaters while also reducing the Home Energy Rating System score for each home by around six points.

Area builders appreciate the benefits of natural gas tankless water heaters. In fact, many of the homes throughout Northeast Florida feature them, including Nocatee in Ponte Vedra.

“As a developer, having natural gas as an amenity in the community has been a great decision. Providing homebuyers the option to choose their energy source is important, but giving them the most cost-effective option is key. We are confident natural gas has contributed to Nocatee being the third best-selling community in America”, said Richard Ray, President and Chief Executive Officer for The PARC Group and master developer of Nocatee.

 Professional-Grade Cooking

Just about any professional chef will tell you cooking on natural gas is a must. Most home culinary enthusiasts and those that dabble now and then agree. It comes down to the precise temperature control, instant on/off capability and quick responsiveness that inspires such passion.

From magnificent new homes that command commercial-grade cooking equipment to contemporary townhomes and city apartments that look to reflect comfortable living – natural gas makes it possible.

TECO Peoples Gas works with a number of builders that insist on kitchens with natural gas appliances – because homebuyers tell them they don’t want anything else.  

When Ben and Pud English were looking for a new home in Northeast Florida, they insisted on natural gas for cooking. They found what they were looking for in Palencia, a natural gas community in St. Johns County.

“We absolutely love spending time in our kitchen, and we made sure our new home had the amenities we were looking for especially the natural gas range with commercial-grade burners, said Ben.

“We weren’t settling for anything less.”

Limitless Outdoor Living

The upsell opportunities are tremendous with natural gas – from pool and spa heating to elaborate fire features and everything in between. Natural gas makes built-in grills or outdoor kitchens sizzle. Homebuyers can consider the ambiance of outdoor gas lights, an easy-to-start fire pit or a cozy outdoor living space with ash-free hearth. Whether it’s family-friendly fun or resort-style entertaining, natural gas provides the wow factor that homebuyers will upgrade to and pay for. 

Home Heating, Clothes Drying, Standby Generation

Homes can also include natural gas furnaces and clothes dryers. New homebuyers may opt for natural gas-fueled standby generators that power the entire home during electric outages, or even home refueling appliances for natural gas vehicles.

When you build with natural gas, you build more value into your homes. To find out if natural gas is available for your next residential project, in Northern Volusia County or Flagler County call Trudy Clark of TECO at 904-813-0502.   In Western and Southern Volusia County call Pat Spalding of FPUC at 863-289-2170.

Photo cutline: 

Ben and Pud English at home in Palencia, a natural gas community in St. Johns County. 

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Siobhan Brackett - Int'l Tile & Stone 

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