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NEWSLETTER December 2016



Holiday Party, Installation & Awards 2016


2016 Thank you to our 2016 President Jake Hicksonfor all  your hard work, efforts, and dedication during your term! Above left, Jake presents his wife, Carrie, with flowers, in appreciation for her support this year;          above right, Carrie gives Jake his Past President's pin. 


Welcome to office to our New President, Tony DiNizo! We are all looking forward to a great year! Above left, Tony receives his President's Pin for his 2017 term from his wife, Cindy.

Congratulations to our 2016 Builder of the Year, Jim Mather!

Congratulations to our 2016 Associate of the Year,  Cindy Weinberg! 

We are so proud of Shelley Stewart for being the first VBIA State Officer, and for all of the work she does!                       Shelley received the Above and Beyond recognition, as well as the Capitol Club co-chairman plaque. 

Mary Thomas was presented with the VBIA Courageous Heart Award. We are all so happy to have Mary’s smiling face back at meetings and events, helping to steer the VBIA!


Spike Cash Pool Contest Winners from left are first place, Paul Rechichar; second place, Rick Daniels; and third place, Jake Hickson, who each walked away with cash prizes. And, Paul Rechichar rode in style in a white stretch limousine to and from the Jingle & Mingle, first prize from the September Spike Contest!


Our VBIA members brought so many wonderful gifts for the deserving Food Brings Hope elementary and middle school students! The Christmas surprises kept coming with a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Pictured above at the right, Martin Pham points out his gift selection to Santa Claus.                                                                                             


We had a great, festive crowd at the Mingle & Jingle, and everyone received gifts from Santa & Mrs. Claus once their name was drawn from the bingo drum by our new VBIA President, Tony DiNizo!




November 2016 Events

Full House at November Board of Directors Meeting





Home of the Month

ICI Egret II

Breakaway Trails, Ormond Beach




10 Tips for Developing a Good Security Policy

Every business, no matter what size it is or which industry it serves, needs an information security policy. After all, every business handles potentially sensitive personal and financial data about their customers and employees, and it is imperative that you have a recourse in the event that things go wrong. While no security policy will protect a company from all possible breaches, its goal is to bring down the risk to acceptable levels. There will always be the possibility of falling victim to unknown zero-day threats, but a sound security policy can help you ward off many potential threats as well as cover your back when taking legal action.

  1.  Treat It as a Core Element of Your Business
    Security is not just a concern for IT departments and nerds. Today’s economy is very much an information-based one to such an extent that it’s almost impossible, and hardly desirable, for businesses to eschew modern technology altogether. Nonetheless, your security policy should take all information, whether digital or printed, into account. It should be treated as a core element in all decision-making processes both within and beyond your company’s IT department. Without a full-fledged and business-wide security policy in place, you’ll be leaving your organization open to attacks by criminals, disloyal employees and much more.


For assistance with your security needs, or any of your business or personal IT needs, please give us a call!





December is a great time to reach out to customers, says real estate agent Matt Parker.

By Jennifer Goodwin, for Builder Online

Despite the fact that many home builders see sales decline during the holidays, it’s actually a great time to reach out to customers, says Seattle real estate agent and author Matt Parker.


holiday sales don't have to slow.pdf


Why Twitter is an Ideal Tool

If you haven’t joined in yet, then it’s time you did. Twitter is one of the most visited social network sites and is becomes more and more popular everyday.

According to a report on Statistic Brain (http://www.statisticbrain. com/twitter-statistics), in May 2013 Twitter had over 554,750,000 registered users. 135,000 new users sign up every day. There are 9,100 Tweets made every second of every day.

Why should those statistics impress you? Because they make Twitter prime real estate for you…..and it’s free. If you use Twitter properly it can be the king of social media.

You can use it to:

• Introduce your services

• Communicate with clients

• Find and add new clients

• Promote new listings

•Build your brand

• Improve your services

• Spy on your competitors

Looking for help with your social media?





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