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2022 Parade of Homes! Mark Your Calendars!

Hello VBIA Members!

The Parade of Homes Committee and the VBIA Board of Directors cordially invite you to enter into the marketing extravaganza of the 2022 Parade of Homes!

The 2022 Parade will run from April 23rd through May 1st, 2022.  Judging will be held Friday, April 22nd , and the Parade Awards Gala will be held May 13th, 2022 at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort.

Our new focus will be a digital Guide Book, along with a new and improved look to the Parade Magazine, a State-of-the-Art Mobile App and website, print advertisement, broadcast platforms, a comprehensive digital marketing plan with year-round advertising, and an enhanced “Virtual Entry” category, and so much more! The marketing for this event will effectively reach hundreds of thousands of consumers.

The Showcase Home Builder, Kargar Construction is finalizing plans for a fantastic Showcase Celebration!

Remodeling Projects are welcome entries as well, with public touring optional.

If you currently do not have a model home, or if you have sold any of your homes but would still like them entered in the Parade, you may submit virtual entries.

With advance notice,homes under construction may enter elevations or blueprints, and then substitute photos for the guidebook if received by the VBIA on or before 4:00 pm March 11th, 2022.


Submit your entries now to join the Parade!

Thank you for your consideration,                                                                

Laura R. Perkins

Entry fees and deadlines for VBIA Members in good standing (with membership paid thru May 30th, 2022)

Early Bird Entry Fee: Completed Entries and Payment Received by 4:00 pm Friday January 14, 2022.

New Home, Condo or Renovation entry: 1st Entry: $2,150, 2nd Entry: $1,650,

3rd & 4th Entries: $1,550, 5th Entry & above: $1,250 each

Golf or Non-Golf Community WITHOUT any home entries: $5,050

Golf or Non-Golf Community with at least one home entry: $3,050

Virtual Entry: 1st Entry: $1,850, 2nd Entry: $1,450, 3rd & 4th Entries: $1,150,

 5th Entry & above $950

      Showroom Entry: $1,850

Standard Entry Fee: Entry complete & payment received by 4:00 pm Friday February 18th, 2022.


New Home, Condo or Renovation entry is 1st Entry: $2,650, 2nd Entry: $2,050,

3rd & 4th Entries: $1,850, 5th Entry & above: $1,550 each

Golf or Non-Golf Community WITHOUT any home entries: $5,600

      Golf or Non-Golf Community with at least one home entry: $3,600

Virtual Entry: 1st Entry: 2,000, 2nd Entry: $1,550, 3rd & 4th Entries: $1,250,

5th Entry & above $1,000

      Showroom: $2,000

A non-VBIA Member fee of $1,000 to $1,500 (depending on prior year’s # of permits), is added to each early bird and standard entry fee(above). You then will atomically become a member of the VBIA. Non-member fee only applies to the first entry.

You must complete the Entry Application online:

Remit the signed Terms & Conditions, and your insurance certificate to the VBIA office( by February 18th, 2022.



Standard Entries:  All payment checks* must be delivered to: VBIA office, 130 Integra Breeze Lane,  Suite 4B, Daytona Beach, FL 32117 along with the Signed Terms & Conditions, and Proof of Liability Insurance no later than 4:00 pm Friday, February 18th, 2022. Complete Entry Form(s) along with all supporting submissions to be submitted electronically no later than 4:00 pm Friday, February 18th, 2022.

The ENTRY APPLICATION (including exhibit submissions) is completely on line:

 _____ Signed Terms & Conditions- SEND TO THE VBIA OFFICE-

____Proof of liability insurance SEND TO VBIA OFFICE (Minimum $1,000,000 for each occurrence & Minimum $2,000,000 General Aggregate). Policy must be valid April 22nd, 2022 to May 1st, 2022. Must list: Volusia Building Industry Association, Inc. 130 Integra Breeze Lane, Suite 4B, Daytona Beach, FL 32117 as additional insured.

______ Completed Official Entry Form(s). One form per entry-online

 _____ LOGO: Minimum 200 DPI Electronic Color

 _____ ENTRY DESCRIPTIONS: Max. 12 features in bullet point format (Max. of up to 25 characters per                     line)

_____ENTRY DIRECTIONS: Maximum of 3 lines, up to 25 characters per line.

_____ENTRY FLOOR PLAN: Single-Family or Multi-Family Entry – Minimum 200 DPI Electronic / Color or Black & White

_____ENTRY ELEVATION: Single-Family or Multi-Family Entry – Minimum 200 DPI Electronic Color – Rendering or Photo. *We will accept a rendering if the home is unfinished at the time of entry submission. If the project is thereafter completed, you may submit a photo of the completed project which we will substitute into the Parade Guidebook if received by 4:00 pm March 11th, 2022.  Otherwise submitted rendering will be used.

                                For Development / Community Entries Only

                 Community Entrance or Common Area:  Rendering or Photograph-online

                                 Site Plan: Rendering or Photograph

                                 Description & Directions: Same word count as Single-Family homes entry

        Questions?  Please contact the VBIA, 386-226-1414 or

1.        VBIA 2021 Parade of Homes Dates: This is a scattered site Parade of Homes. The dates for the VBIA 2021 Parade of Homes are Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 through Sunday, May 1st, 2022.

2.       Parade Banquet: The VBIA Parade Awards Banquet will be May, 13th 2022, at the Hilton Daytona Oceanfront Resort.   As entrants of the VBIA 2022 Parade of Homes, your first entry includes two (2) complementary tickets to the Parade Awards Banquet! Your presence is requested and appreciated at the Parade Banquet. If you cannot attend, we ask that you assign your tickets to other representatives of your company and RSVP accordingly.

3.       Entry Description: An official entry in the 2022 VBIA Parade of Homes is described as, but not limited to the following:

(A)    New and unoccupied single-family or multi-family site-built residence.

(B)    Golf Course or Non-Golf Course Community. (Must have current new home construction with site-built homes)

(C) Virtual entry: Any Single Family, Multi-Family, Custom Home or Community Entry may be entered within the virtual entry category. Traffic will be driven to your Website and Sales Center, or direct phone.  The purpose of this entry is for builders and developers to take full advantage of the VBIA Annual Parade of Homes Marketing opportunity during a period of time when no specs or models are available for public view. Virtual Entry criteria will consist of Elevation Photos or Renderings and floor plans, just like a normal entry. You may also include Photos and Matterport Virtual Tours if this is a plan you have built before, or Digital Representation of a to be built custom home. Links to Electronic visuals will be displayed with your entry online. These will not be open to the public. Non entries cannot be open in same community as virtual entry.

For an unbuilt, or not near completion home, it will not be open to the public. Non entry cannot   be open in same community as virtual entry.

(D)   Renovation entry –Renovation entries are given the same marketing opportunities and

appearance in the Guidebook, online exposure, etc. They will not be judged however, and will not be open to the public unless authorized by the POH Committee.  Before and after photos are required to be posted on the entrants’ website for the public to see. A photo of the final remodel is required as the official entry photo unless you use a rendering. The Parade Committee will decide whether to accept or decline remodel entries based on the scope of work and budget. All entry rules apply.

(E) Showroom Entry- Is described as a building product storefront commercial showroom that        will be open the hours of the Parade of Homes.

6. Licensing: To enter the Parade of Homes, you must be a licensed and insured Florida Building Contractor and be a current VBIA member in good standing. A non-member licensed and insured Florida Building Contractor may enter with the additional non-member entry fee.

        7. Entry Information: The Official Entry Form must be complete and submitted by the final entry deadline (including amenities, descriptions, plans, renderings or photos where applicable, pricing for publication and judging, directions and proof of liability insurance). Specific information in the areas of pricing and square footage must be accurately depicted.

Two prices are required:

(A) Price of entry as shown including lot and all options built, and any premiums and pool packages.

                               (B) Base price of entry including basic lot. (Non-premium lot)

Two (different) square footage numbers are required per entry:

                              (A)  Square Feet under air. (Required - of home as shown)

                              (B) Total Square Feet under roof. (Required - of home as shown)

8.  Builder Breakfast: All builders/developers/entrants are required to attend the Builder Breakfast on   Tuesday, April 19, 2022 Location TBD.

 At this breakfast, the VBIA Parade of Homes Committee will provide you with the rules and regulations for the upcoming Parade of Homes event, as well as your entry and directional signs and guidebooks (if available) for your entries.

9. Judges: Judges will visit all (judged) entries on Friday, April 22nd, 2022. Judges are selected from building industry professionals in surrounding counties. Judges visit each entry in the categories assigned and use official judging sheets. Sheets are totaled and winners are selected by a point system. Judges do not know their categories or participants names until the morning of judging. An official driver (from VBIA) escorts the judges to each entry on their route. Entrants and their representatives may not discuss potential business with judges prior to or during judging or risk disqualification.

10. Rules for Judging:  All entry forms must be fully completed so homes/entries can be placed in the proper categories. An incomplete home will not be judged-there are NO exceptions to this rule. All completed homes / communities will be judged, unless specifically requested otherwise. (Homes, and in some cases community centers, must be open to be judged; any locked homes/buildings will not be judged.). All judged entries must be open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. You will forfeit judging if the entry is not open during stated hours of 9:00- 4:00. Entries must be completely finished to be judged (including interior, exterior, clean up).

11. Parade Hours: Each Parade of Homes entry must be open and staffed by the builder or the builder’s representative during the entire Parade of Homes hours. Builders are responsible for the actions of their representatives during the Parade of Homes. Entries must be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 5:00 pm on Sunday. Awards may be forfeited for non-compliance with Parade hours advertised. There will be a winners’ ad, (Encore Weekend) is to be determined.

12. Publication / Parade Guidebook: Each entry will receive a quarter page entry block in the Parade of Homes guidebook. This entry block will feature each entry’s color rendering/photo, name of

model /community, (floor plan, square footage,) directions, description, prices, amenities, logo, phone number, web site address and Florida building contractor license number. Any entrant that does not submit required entry block information by the final deadline will risk not being published in the Parade of Homes guidebook. Non-entry housing of any type is not permitted in Parade Guidebook or other advertising.

13. Logos:  Parade Builders are encouraged to use the Official Parade of Homes Logo in all of their advertising (print, TV, billboard, Web site, etc.) leading up to the Parade. We ask that you add the logo to your Web site with a link to the Parade of Homes Digital Magazine, . Logos will be shared upon complete submission of entry package, exhibits and payment in full.

14. Sales/Pricing Any homes sold during the Parade of Homes may not be occupied until the close of the Parade of Homes on Sunday, May 1st, 2022 after 5:00 p.m. Any published or shared listing service or advertisement pricing must match Entry Pricing in the 2022 Parade Guidebook through May 1st, 2022.

15. Signs: Uniform signs for each entry will be provided by the VBIA.  To eliminate any confusion for the public, only the signs provided by the VBIA may be used.  Signs do not have to be returned, however you may not display them at any other time during the year, as it detracts from the excitement of the official Parade of Homes during the dates specified.  Signs displayed beyond Parade dates are subject to seizure and Parade award forfeiture. Signs will only be distributed at the Builders Breakfast on April 19th, 2022.

Each Builder is responsible for adherence to entry’s area sign regulations. Volusia enjoys 16 municipalities & the County Government. Signs lost to any violations, thefts etc. are available for a replacement cost of $15- limited supply available at the VBIA office.

16. Variances:  The Parade of Homes Committee must approve any variance from these rules and regulations.

17.  Liability: The VBIA will not be liable for any loss or damage to homes, property, or persons for any reason whatsoever that may arise from the participation in the 2022 Parade of Homes.  The builder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Volusia Building Industry Association and its officers, directors, Executive Director and staff. You must provide proof of liability insurance (Minimum $1,000,000 for each occurrence & a Minimum $2,000,000 general aggregate). Policy must be valid from April 22nd, through May 1st, 2022. You must list Volusia Building Industry Association, Inc. 130 Integra Breeze Lane, 

Suite 4B, Daytona Beach, FL 32117 as additional insured.

                                                2022 VBIA Parade of Homes Terms and Conditions


I hereby agree to enter and have available for viewing, my never occupied model in the 2022 Parade of Homes™.  The promotion, advertising and administration of the 2022 Parade of Homes™ will be by the Volusia Building Industry Association (VBIA).  The VBIA will not be responsible for any damage to models, property and their contents.

I agree to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Association, the Parade of Homes™ Committee, their officers, agents and employees from and against any loss, claim or damage sustained by said parties as a result of injury to any persons caused, in whole, or in part, by any neglect or default whatsoever.

Furthermore, I will have my insurance company send a certificate of commercial general liability insurance, in an amount of at least one million ($1,000,000) for each occurrence and two million dollars for general aggregate ($2,000,000.00) covering builder’s Parade model (s) and showing on its face the Association as an additional insured. The certificate must cover the dates from Friday April 22nd, 2022 (judging day) through Sunday May 1st, 2022.

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by the VBIA. All decisions regarding rules, applications, judging procedures and violations will be made by the Parade of Homes™ Committee and/or the VBIA Executive Committee, and are final and binding. In the event there is not a Parade Committee; the Executive Committee will have final decision.

Builder acknowledges that the model to be entered in the Parade of Homes™ is the result of an original design and that he/she is the sole owner of such design and / or has exclusive rights, including copyright, in and to the design as represented in the structure, plans, specifications and drawings of the model.  Builder further acknowledges that he/she has not pledged, assigned or encumbered his/her rights to the design and that such design does not violate any copyright, property or common-law rights of others. Builder hereby indemnifies and hold harmless the VBIA from any and all claims of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyright infringement or conversation, which may be asserted as a result of the inclusion of the model in the Parade of Homes™ or the inclusion of drawings or floor plans of the model in any publication of VBIA, publicized or in conjunction with the Parade of Homes™.

All entry fees are non-refundable for any reason, including incomplete and/or disqualified entries.

         All entries are subject to the sole approval of the Volusia Building Industry Association Board of Directors.

_______________________________________________                                  ____________________

FOR THE BUILDER (I have read and accepted)                                                                                                               DATE

FOR THE VBIA Laura Perkins, Executive Director                                                                                                          DATE